Contact information

  • Address: Aristi
  • Postal code (ZIP): 440 04
  • City/Location: Zagorochoria
  • Phone: +30 26530 41330
  • Fax: +30 26530 41311



Aristi is part of the municipality of Central Zagori, it stands at an elevation of 650 meters above sea level, and at a distance of 17 km. from the city of Konitsa and 48 km. from the city of Ioannina.

Aristi is one out of the 48 villages of Zagori (Zagorochoria), located ideally concerning a visit to the Vikos gorge, Voidomatis river, the villages of Papigo, Ano Pedina, Dilofo, Monodendri but also the Mastorochoria villages of Konitsa and the Aoos gorge.

Half an hour away by car from the city of Ioannina, the hotel is the appropriate starting point to visit the Castle, the archeological Museum and the old city of Ioannina, the ancient theatre of Dodoni and the beautiful byzantine churches of the area.

Finally, within day-trip distance is the old city of Gijrokaster and the remarkable archeological place of Butrint, the only UNESCO protected heritage of Albania on the seaside just opposite to the coastline of Corfu.

Visitors setting off from Thessaloniki can reach Aristi using the EGNATIA Road and then the Ioannina Ring Road. At the last exit turn left following signs to Konitsa. On the 39th km of the route turn right with direction Aristi - Papingo.

Visitors setting off from Athens can reach Aristi via Ioannina and continue on the national road of Ioannina - Kozani. Upon reaching the 39th km of the route turn right with direction Aristi - Papingo.

Aristi Mountain Resort sits atop the village and offers visitors an extraordinary view over the Vikos Gorge and the unique natural beauty which characterizes the Zagori area.